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detonated them in an undisclosed location. holmes is now in solitary confinement and set for an initial hearing on monday and appointed a public defender. meanwhile, the coroner's office released the names of all 12 victims who died in the shooting early friday mning and even with the suspect this custody, state, local and law enforcement officers are dealing with another threat from the alleged shooter. let's go to the abc 7 news reporter at the theater in colorado. >> yes, alan, exactly where i was yesterday only the the scene here is a different today. only because the mall area is now open. you have shoppers coming and going, but you see the century 16 theater behind me, that's blocked off by police again, after that horrific shooting where police say suspect james holmes shot and killed 12 people and injured more than 50 more. but as you mentioned, police are here and they're also at his apartment trying to make sure there are no massive explosions. >> first, there was a warning. then a controlled explosion came from inside james holmes' apartment. the man accused of
we're live in aurora with more >> abc news has video of shooting suspect james holme, taken six years ago when he spoke at a science camp. >> it's an ill -- illusion that a allows you to change the past. >> he shot into a crowded theater, kill 12 people, including very ron na moser. >> veronica's mother, ashley, is in the opt and has been told of her daughter's death. >> we small people who are still terribly injured and may not make it. >> authorities maneuvered through a minefield of booby-traps inside holmes apartment, removing a computer, hard drives, and several explosives they detonated at other locations. >> as we continue to learn more about the man police believe is responsible for this shooting, there's an effort here today to make sure the victims are not forgotten and, alan, i will wile the story at 6. >> alan: is the area starting to look like it did before the tragedy? >> the mall re-opened yesterday so today you had a lot of shoppers coming and going, people still taking pictures. the theater is closed. the parks lot is starting to fill up with people coming to ho
accused in the killings, james holmes. we now the that holmes was patient of university of colorado psychiatrist two specializes in psychiatrist friend ya. law enforcement officials are studying a note book that was don't the psychiatrist. the notebook reportedly included plans for a massacre, including a stick figure gunman shooting down victims. >> work began in morgan hill to eradicate oriental fruit nice before they damage local farms. this comes after four mail fruit flies were found in different traps this weekend. crews sprayed a special chemical mixture meant to attacked fruit flies and kill them. it covers 16 square miles in and around morgan hill. >> with early detection that we had and the quick response, we're hopeful we can knock it out before even detecting anymore fruit fly. >> ama: the oriental true fly can harm up to 230 different typed of fruits and village tables. many of those crops grow in the south bay. >>> an update to breaking news from yesterday. it took nearly 24 hours but crews finished repairing a broke water main in san francisco. the pipe that 22nd and
diego. james holmes attended west view high school. he played soccer and ran cross country. neighbors scribe him as quiet and smart saying his mother was proud and law enforcement in california say he does not have a criminal record, not even a traffic ticket. mees went to the home today to escort his father to denver. his family released a statement saying they were taken by surprise. holmes left california to attend graduate school in colorado after earning a degree from uc riverside in 2010. >> he was an honor student sow was at the top of the top. academically. he distinguished himself from an academic point of view during his four years with us. >> holmes was in the process of withdrawing from the program, it's not clear why. his father arrived in denver to speak with the investigators. >> and a young woman who was shot and killed in this movie theater narrowly escaped another shooting in a mall last month. jessica was an aspiring sportscaster that moved to denver. and she was at a toronto food court june 2 during a shootout. she was with a friend. >> this is just assuming everyt
expressing condolence autos and tom cruise and katie holmes's marriage is over. holmes filed for divorce requesting sole custody of the couple's 6-year-old daughter. they say they're committed to suri's interest autos they move quick lie and let's talk about the weather forecast. >> it's really foggy this morning and that is becoming shallower and into two days. there is a live picture from our camera. looking across the bay there towards the bridge you can see a patch of fog there. there is some fog around near the coastline. there is another live picture from san jose. sunny skies and high temperatures so far 76 degrees and there is tomorrow, low 90s. this is what it looks like looking at live doppler 7. sunny skies or clear across most of the bay area except for coastal fog, temperatures 55 in half moon bay. 92 in antioch. there is highs into 50s to low 90s inland. there is a spare the air fr tomorrow, here is what is bringing us heat, hot air mass retro grading and moving west it's going to be cooking inland tuesday and wednesday. there is fog still around and there you don't have to
. >>> 142 felony charges filed today against james holmes. he appeared in court with his lawyer appearing much the same way during his first court appearance, dazed and confused. prosecutors charging him with 24 counts two for each shooting victim. he's also facing 116 counts of attempted murder for the 58 wounded. >> i do believe he should probably be locked away. and live with what he did everyday of his life. >> legal analysts believe the defense will bring holmes' sanity into question. his attorneys revealed last week he was seeking psychiatric help before the shooting rampage. >>> investigators trying to find out how a young woman fell out of a party bus in santa cruz and then was run over and kill. 25-year-old natasha nolan died on southbound highway 17 returning from the brad paisley concert friday night. she worked at the pacific wave surf shop that her parents own in santa cruz. karina rusk joins us with the story. >> reporter: the owner of the party bus of santa cruz has not returned our calls. we know that the company was fined $4500 in 2010 for operating with a suspended permi
weather for that. >> great day. >> yes. >> and still ahead meft-noticeable thing actress katie holmes is doing now that she's filed for divorce. >> and how to use a smart phone for sharing rides, and phone for sharing rides, and trading spaces. i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon. wait... yeah... well, yeah, bacon. and my eggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. >>> you probably know the greatest tv generation lost another beloved face. andy griffith died today, probably best known as mayberry sheriff andy tailor and starred on broadway and in the film "a face in the crowd". he had an encore in "matlock". andy griffith was 86. >> katie holmes appears to have a new attitude since filing for divorce according to employees of her local whole foods in new york city. a few weeks ago employees say she got into an angry altercation. now, she the say she smiles and let's customers take pictures of her and her daughter, another says it's like a weight has been lifted and she see
is about to happen but no one opened it. and abc news learned flames holmes bought a high-powered rifle after failing a key exam. and he grew up in california attending elementary school near salinas before the family moved south. those when knew him then say he was a happy child. >> he was a clean cut kid. well dressed. he was, i'm amazed i can remember remember. he was articulate a top, top student and caused no trouble. very positive. very happy. and the first of 12 people who died was laid to rest. he went to the midnight showing in aroara, colorado with his two teen-aged children. they escaped uninjured. >> and stay with us for latest developments. tonight at 5:30 on word news, a closer look at whether flunking a school exam was a turning point that the gunman caused him to snap. and there is developments as well. >> a suspect fired shots into a car full of children. it happened near highway 4. seven people, including four children were in the car when that shooting started. and the driver was able to get help two. adults in the front were wounded they're expected to recover. the c
on charges of murdering 12 people and wounding 58 others and holme will not face an additional murder charge after one of the surviving victims suffered a miscarriage amount suspect can only face homicide charges in colorado if the victim had already been born when they died. >> one of the bay area's own is one of the san francisco marathon winners. and for some, running the marathon wasn't enough. some took part in a mega marathon. that's ahead. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. parts of the bay area will see >> two tech titans are going to court tomorrow in a patent suit. apple is suing samsung for allegedly copying the apple and ipad schooling technology. a jury is selected to be selected to hear the case in federal court. apple is demanding $2.5 billion in damage and intends to push for me injunctions blocking the u.s. sale of samsung phones and tablets operated by the google operating system. >> nearly 25,000 runners rap in the city's marathon. it began at 5:30 this morning. it went across the golden gate bridge and back through golden gate park and ended back near the ferry bui
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9